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Detective Fausto is over but I'm still around. My new comic is called "Friendship Paradox" is availabe now on Comicxology for $1.99 and in color!!!
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 Science fiction and friendship!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Dear readers, I've been having a lot of trouble with hosting sites, it was my own doing because when I started this webcomic I had no idea what I was doing. I started posting in livejournal, then moved to bolismoni. blogspot because I thought that would be my brand and finally here. But a lot of my images were in a site that now is asking to upgrade my account, anyway, it's all a mess. So I'm gonna take down the comic pages here and only the direct downloads will be available.  I'm apologizing for any inconvenience.
Thank you.

Volume 01: Blackmail
In his early 30's, He is going through a hard time His ex girlfriend broke his heart, he's living in his office, his mother is sick and he hasn't have a major case in months One night, a friend from high school, recommends Fausto for a job. A blackmail.

Volume 02: Cleopatra's Case
A young woman named Olivia, hires Fausto to find her husband and make him pay his gambling debts.

Volume 03: Missing.
It’s Christmas Eve and a doctor goes missing. Fausto and his friend Julio try to find him, but things get complicated.

CBR Format

Volume 04: Paranoia.
While investigating a possible spouse infidelity Fausto is accused of murder. Now he has to find the real killers, before they find him.

Volume 05: Lost Son.
After a night in jail, Fausto runs into Lucas, an american who wants to find the real Virgin of Guadalupe. At the same time an old woman hires him, because she believes she saw her son whom he died In the 1992 explosions. All this as Fausto has a recurring dream.

Volume 06: Paper Wings.
After a night in jail, Fausto runs into Lucas, an american who wants to find the real Virgin of Guadalupe. At the same time an old woman hires him, because she believes she saw her son who he died In the 1992 explosions. All this as Fausto has a recurring dream..

CBR format
PDF format

Volume 07: Bulletproof.
Viridiana, the daughter one of Fausto’s friends, has gone missing. One night she didn’t come home. Fausto investigates the whereabouts of the girl, but when he finds out the tragic end, getting justice becomes the main goal. In the next to last story of the webcomic, Fausto must deal with the prostitute Olivia Maldonado and rely more on his friend and journalist Julio Alcazar.

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PDF format

Volume 08: Goodbye Guadalajara.
 Months after surviving a gunshot to the head, Fausto must choose between justice and revenge. This is it!!! Detective Fausto’s final adventure.

CBR Format
PDF Format 

A brief look at Fausto’s past, his friends and family.

PDF format

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Recommendation: Southern Bastards

This is the last recommendation because the end of Detective Fausto approaches and with the tone of these last pages, I think this comic full of rage it’s a perfect way to say good bye: "Southern Bastards". 

 Southern Bastards is about football, barbeque and hate. For these reasons Earl Tubb left his town in Alabama and he vowed to never return, decades later Earl must return to take over thw family's residence. Tubb's father was a strong man, a sheriff with a big stick; Earl never could live up to the expectations, which still torments him. But the return of Earl does not sit well in a town that hates outsiders, Earl soon confronts the coach (and criminal boss) Euless Boss who is worshiped and feared by all. And the confrontation ends badly for Tubb. 

After these events, we discover the world Craw County. Boss coach’s past, his assistants and thugs, their enemies and the rest of the people with their southern customs. With a touch of social criticism. Even more when Tubb's daughter, Roberta Tubb, arrives to find out what happened to his father.  
The hatred is palpable in this comic, it’s in the stories as in the art, it is no coincidence that their covers are filled with red tones. It's visceral; it's impactful as a brutal tackle in a football game but as addictive as good BBQ ribs.
Southern Bastards tells the life in South America, but its themes are universal. There are many towns around the world where hate and customs blend generation after generation.

Title: Southern Bastards.
Creators: Jason Aaron and Jason Latour.
Get it: 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Recommendation: Supermachos

On the last recommendation I talked about Scalped and how it deals with native Americans in the current US. Now I’ll recommend you a comic about Mexican native Americans in the 60’s. But don’t worry, it’s a funny comic strip except when it isn’t.
- And we Indians, we never win?.
- As far as I know just in MLB baseball.
Created by the cartoonist ‘Rius’ (Eduardo del Río) in the 60’s , Supermachos is a social commentary on the situation of Mexico. The economy, racism, politics, class culture and more are the issues cover by this satire. 

- Children of 'San Garabato' we will end corruption.

Set in the fictional town of ‘San Garabato’, the main characters are two ‘indians’ Calzozín and Chon, who are constantly being treated unjustly. But they have a somewhat positive outlook on life. The rest of the town consists of a corrupt Mayor and his corrupt police department, a Spaniard bartender, devote women, a wealthy and greedy business man and more. 

Most of the stories focus on how the revolution didn’t work for them, the system isn’t helping them. They will always get the short end of the stick, but they’re ‘Súpermachos’ and they won’t complain.
But despite the serious subject, the comics never stops being funny.
I don’t think Súpermachos was translate to other languages and even if it did, many jokes aren’t exactly very translatable. So if you find a copy, get a Mexican friend to read it to you. 

- In this country you have to belive in the constitution, in voting, believe in the good intentions of the goverment, in the revolution, believe that we're free, belive in the far beyond, in the near beyond...
Title: Súpermachos.
Creator: Rius.