Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Influences from TV: Veronica Mars

Everything that has influenced my webcomic Detective Fausto

Veronica Mars took the “kid detective” concept updated and gave it a more realistic and criminal approach.

The show begins with Veronica investigating the murder of her best friend, the murder that ruined her life and her father’s life (ex sheriff). The blonde amateur detective is a social outcast, she is cynical and she doesn’t mind to push the good will of her father and best (and only) friend Wallace. She doesn’t stop until she obtains justice.
Gangs, drugs, money, corruption and family traumas surrounded her cases. 

Veronica Mars by ~MoniBolis on deviantART

Veronica Mars was a great example (Being honest, I only watched the first two seasons. I lost interest in the “collage years”) of a “teen crime” show.
Oh! I forgot….Logan ♥

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