Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Julio is gay

Julio is gay, in case you didn't notice, because of his manly beard.
And angriness
Although, it doesn't really matter for the webcomic. Then  why put a gay character? Well diversity and because I'm from Guadalajara. Let me explain.

Guadalajara has the fame for being "Mexico's gay capital"  I don't think there are more gay people in my city, but it's a open community.
With tacos of their own

However, Guadalajara also has many religious fanatics and discriminatory people. With a governor saying that the idea of a gay marriage “Gross him out”. 
But the world is that way, Guadalajara is that way. And Fausto lives there. To give more diversity and keep a realistic feel, Julio is gay, but it's more important that he's a liberal journalist and he is angry almost always.


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