Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No more shipping

Ever since I was a little girl, I ship. Even before I knew the term shipping (fandom).
I ship Babs and Buster when I was in kindergarten, then Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask, and I totally ship Seiya and Shaina (the hell with Atena!) 

When I got older I started shipping Mulder and Scully, that “will they won’t they” drive me crazy for years. I even forced my parents to take me to the theater and see the movie. I was so excited when they almost kiss.

The rest of my teenage years, I ship a lot of couples in tv shows and comics: Catwoman and Batman, Sabrina and Harvey, Grissom and Sara, Phoebe and Cole, Kelly and Dylan, Fran and Mr. Sheffield, Daphne and Niles, etc. 

Then in 2009, I was happy with a main ship in a tv show, hoping and wishing for them to get together. The writers delayed the hookup (like many shows do) with a “love triangle”. 
The woman gets together with someone else, instead of the protagonist. But I didn’t hate that new couple, I loved them, I shipped them so hard, like no other. I knew it was impossible, but I wanted so hard for them to stay together, I wanted them to get married and have babies.
I knew it was a couple doomed to fail, but I didn’t care, I thought it matter for the story…guess what? It didn’t 
The whole “love triangle” was rushed, concluded off screen, addressed with a throwaway line, and the woman started f*cking the protagonist like five minutes after the break up.
I was so angry, so sad and my tv viewer heart was so broken. I never watched that show again, and I swear off all shipping. 

I enjoy the moments, but I’ll never be a fangirl, like I was for my one true ship.
No more fan arts, no more fanfics, no more daydreaming.

What does this have to do with my webcomic? Well, I’m a creator now. I have characters, and I want to see if I can pull off a great love story. 
After all, this story stars with Fausto broken hearted.

I want you, dear reader, to ship Fausto and someone else. I want you to care about my fictional detective.
I'll give you my best, to achieve that goal.

PD I know my  ship is not getting back, but I still dream about them

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