Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recommendation: El Peso Hero

Todays title: El Peso Hero. 

I don't like superhero comics set in México, I tried to read them but there's something that doesn't work for me. The villians.
By just watching the news, I can see there are worst people that the Joker running around in México.
That's what I like El Peso Hero. A super hero fighting on the US-Mexico border against real criminals.

Title: El Peso Hero
Language: English (with some spanish)
Status: Sunday updates

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  1. Thank you Bolis for this wonderful recommendation. El Peso Hero was brought to life in 2003.In the border stories began to surface of regenade ex Mexican spec ops being involve in drug runs. This caught my interest and my love of old school Mexican heros crossed paths. So I began writting a script with the intention of creating a comic. The stars seemed to be aligned right last year and I began on the El Peso Hero webcomic.

    1. Wow, El Peso Hero has a great origin. It's great to know you've been developing this story for years.