Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recommendations: Gender identity

Two titles today with similar subjects, but very different takes. Young people with gender identity issues.

Boy with a secret. Tells the story of a young girl in high school, pretending to be a boy. This manga style webcomic has school gangs, forbidden love and a peculiar reason behind the “double personality”
Colorful art the fits this story. 

Titile: Boy with a secret
Language: English
Status: Updates Wednesdays.
The new girl in the neighborhood narrates the life of a pre adolecent boy who wants to be a girl. Set in Latin-American, this comic shows the struggles of the kid with a mom who kicks him out of the house and school violence
Simple art with grey tones.

Titile: La chica nueva de barrio (The new girl in the neighborhood )
Lenguage: Spanish
Status: Updates at least every two weeks.
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