Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crime Comics: Gotham Central

For years I only heard good things about Gotham Central, and for years I heard how awful the trades were. So I keep ignoring it. 

A few months ago I saw a cheap trade at my LCS, I bought it and read it in one sitting. Everything I heard it was true.
A fantastic was to portray the lives of the Detectives in the Gotham City Police Department. Focusing on the Mayor Crimes Unit.
If a cop has to see the worst of society, in Batman’s city things magnified. 

But leaving the super hero aspect aside, the series excels at the human level. Getting to know the cops, their personalities, their faults and successes. We’ll learn a lit bit about them in every issue.
The art mostly by Michael Lark fit perfect for this gritty and grimy police procedural. He gives every character a distinctive face. 

Title: Gotham Central 
Writer(s): Greg Rucka & Ed Brubaker 
Artist(s): Michael Lark and others 
For fans of: The Wire, Southland
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