Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crime Comics: Gang War 145

This graphic novel comes with the invasion of crime and thrillers from the Nordic countries. 
Inspector Hägerström is in charge of the anti gang unit in Stockholm. The gangs are form by son of immigrants from Muslim countries and South America. Showing the different faces of the country. 

The conflict between gangs escalates when the little sister of one of the leader is rape in a party. Now Hägerström has to stop what could be a bloody revenge.
Part of a trilogy of novels, this comic is a spin off with a stand alone story. 
Peter Bergting’s art is dark and fits the criminal underworld. He draws the characters with distinctive face, which helps in this type of stories with many parties involved. 

Title: Gangwar 145 (Gängkrig 145)
Writer: Jens Lapidus
Artists: Peter Bergting
For fans of: The Trilogy Underworld (Alamaailma Trilogia) Sons of Anarchy 
*Not sure if is avaible in English

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