Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crime Comics: Alias

Alias is my favorite Marvel comic. 

Jessica Jones is the owner (only employee) of Alias investigations. She used to be a super hero name Jewel, but she walked away in very perturbing circumstances, that leaver her with emotional issues.
Jessica drinks, smokes and is little bit self-destructive. With every case you see her try to confront her problems, and you see her run away again. Slowing growing on the process, at the end you truly smile for her. 

The other part of the story deals with blackmailing Captain America, a drug problem with a Spider girl, a missing mutant girl and more. All with cameos from the Avengers.
The art is dark, and it seems there isn’t a straight line, all perfect for Jessica Jones and her life at the moment. 

Title: Alias
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos and others
For fans of: Veronica Mars and Gotham Central.

UPDATE: They made a tv show of Alias: Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix, I'm sure you all watched. I personally like the comics better. (Too much Killgrave in the show, if you ask me). So Marvel has new prints of the series and you can get it in comixology. 

oh yeah, my fan art :D

Jessica Jones P.I. by ~MoniBolis on deviantART
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