Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crime Comics: Torso

Based on the true story of the Torso killer, who terrorized Clevaland in 1930’s. This graphic novel gives you facts with a fictional plot. 

The killer is named “Torso” by the newspaper because the victims are left with out the head and extremities.
During that time Elliot Ness, famous for The Untouchables, becomes the Safety Director and leader of the investigation. But his tactics against organized crime don’t work with a serial killer. The beginning of the end for the hero of the law. 

The art is in black and white, with actual pictures of the crime scenes and the city. 

Title: Torso
Writer: Brian Bendis and Marc Andreyko
Artist: Brian Bendis
For fans of: Zodiac, the Untouchables.
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