Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crime Comics: Bad Night

Criminal is probably the most representative Crime Comic of the past decade.
On this volume “Bad Night” Jacob Kurts is a cartoonist with insomnia. He spends his nights drawing, driving through the neighborhood and visiting a 24 hours diner.

One night he likes a woman in the dinner, and after an altercation with her boyfriend, Jacob let’s her stay in his home. But she and her boyfriend are criminals and forced Jacob to work for them.

Soon we find out that Jacob isn’t as innocent as he looks, or sane. He also has skeletons in his closet.
Maybe after the “Last of the innocents” this story is the most meta with a comic creator loosing his mind and talking with his own fictional characters. 
Also the artist Sean Phillips is the model for Jacob.

The art is dark, very noir. Shadows in every panel. The colors help to set the scene more from a hospital room to a strip joint. 
Title: Criminal: Bad Night
Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Sean Phillips 
For fans of: The Machinist 
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