Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crime Comics: Chicanos

I admit, I only bought this comic for the name of the protagonist “A.Y. Jalisco” (Because Jalisco is my home state) 

Anyway, A.Y. Jalisco is a Private Investigator in New York with the WORST luck in the world.
She tries to save her friend from dating a serial killer, but she ends up as possible victim. In another case she helps a mob boss to reunite with his mother, but she ends persecuted by the police and the District Attorney (her love interest) 

Hopes and dreams of love and wealth that disappear very fast. You don’t know if you should cry or laugh at the situations.
Although, the story sometimes plays the stereotypes too much. Like the dinner “The jumping bean” (The creators are from Argentina and if you think is the same thing, it would be like saying England and Australia are the same because they speak english)
Art in black and white by Eduardo Risso. With his unique sequential panels and distinctive characters, like the very curious looking A.Y. Jalisco. 

Title: Chicanos
Writer: Carlos Trillo 

Artist: Eduardo Risso 
For fans of: Kiss, kiss, bang, bang and La India María. 

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