Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crimen Comics: Stumptown

When Greg Rucka said he didn’t like that modern  detectives  must have “a hook”. Psychics, half crazy, pretending to be psychics or have a vendetta against a serial killer. “ Why can’t a detective just be a good detective?” I immediately knew Stumptown was for me. 

Dex is a Private Investigator in Portland, Oregon (nickname Stumptown), she sometimes drinks too much, she picks thw wrong kind of boyfriends o girlfriends, and she has a gambling problem. But she always comes home to take care of her little brother with Down syndrome.
In the first volume : “The Case of the Girl Who Took her Shampoo (But Left her Mini)” accepts the case of finding a missing girl in exchange of having her debt clear with the casino.

In the second story: “The Case of the Baby in the Velvet Case” a rockstar hires Dex to find her favorite guitar that was stolen during the tour, but as always nothing is as it seems.
The more Dex investigates, she finds more stuff to get her in more trouble.
The art is simple an realistic on technical details like cars, guitars and guns.
Also many references to real places in Oregon.
By the way, Greg Rucka likes Detective Fausto. He actually shared it on his tumblr page and twitter.

Title: Stumptown
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Matthew Southworth
For fans of: The Rockford Files, Phillip Marlowe novels, Terriers
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