Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crime Comics: Selina's Big Score

This stand alone story by Darwyn Cooke it’s a fantastic heist comic with Catwoman as a protagonist. 

After faking her dead and traveling around the world Selina Kyle ends up with no money and nowhere to run, so she gets back to Gotham City. There she meets Chantal a call girl who has the information to rob a train full of mafia money. Now Selina must mends old friendships, take new risks and deal with Private Eye: Slam Bladley. 

The art by Darwyn Cooke is beautiful with clean and solid story telling. 

Title: Selina’s Big Score 
Writer: Darwyn Cooke 
Artist: Darwyn Cooke 
For fans of: Ocean’s eleven. 
Get it in comixology. (As part of Catwoman vol. 01)

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