Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crime Comics: Miss Don't touch me

This French comic is really pretty to look at. The cartooning it’s fantastic the design of characters, their faces, the details of the backgrounds and the bright colors make this a comic to browse through many times. 

It looks better in the book.

The story in the other hand, equally good, but really sad. In the Paris of the 1930’s a young maid Florence, witness the murder of her only friend and family. 
The police say it was suicide, but Florence suspects of the “Butcher of the dances” a man who leaves maimed girls outside the city. 


Fired from her work and with no money, Florence finds work at a brothel where she keeps investigating the crime and managing to stay virgin.
When she enters this world is when she sees how little the life of these girls is worth.
At the end, when the mystery is reveal, we find a world even darker than the legend of the “Butcher”. 

Tittle: Miss Don’t Touch me Vol. 1 
Writer: Hubert. 
Artist: Kerascoet 
For fans of: From Hell.
Get it in: comixology. (There are two volumes but I heard part 2 is not as good or really necessary)

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