Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crime recommendation: Caper

This maxi series tell the story of a Jewish family and crime through the decades. 

The first story “Market Street” is set in 1920’s San Francisco where the brothers Jacob and Izzy are muscle for the Jewish mafia. The older brothers is having an affair with a married woman, but everything gets complicated when she becomes a widow and the mob boss wants her for him.  

The second story “Hollywood Treatment” set in the 1970’s, it’s the story of Jacob granddaughter, Anastasia Weiss: lawyer of the stars. One day her neighbor and super movie star is brutally murder and the killer might be closer than anyone thinks.  

The third and last story “On Ice” is set in the 2000’s with Jacob Weiss and Calvin Coolidge as two messengers who receive a severed hand. Now a criminal gang and an evil company are trying to catch them. Because it’s set in the 2000’s this story is over the top with bazookas, girl’s in bikinis with machines guns and explosions.  

Title: Caper
Writer: Judd Winick 
Artists: Farel Dalrymple, John Severin y Tom Fowler 
For fans of: Road to perdition, Hollywood murder, Smokin’ aces. 

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