Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crime recommendation: Scene of the Crime

In crime stories, the protagonist might make it alive at the end, he (she) sometimes win, maybe  gets the money, kills the villain, the love interest stays, or he doesn’t end up in jail. However, even if he escapes, the dark and corrupted world in which the story took place still exists, and that makes crime fiction depressing some times. Scene of the Crime is like that. 

Jack Herriman is a Private Investigator who is hired by Alex Jordan to find her sister. She was last seen with a hippie cult. Jack investigates, but an unexpected change of circumstances, forces him to go beyond his duty, only to find dark secrets and unforgivable crimes. 

The art of Michael Lark (inks by Sean Phillips) moves the story in a fantastic way and showcase the characters emotions. Creating a feeling that the creator would evolve more in other series like Criminal and the Fade Out. 

Title: Scene of the Crime 
Writer: Ed Brubaker 
Artist: Michael Lark  
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