Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Since I was a little girl I’ve know that in my country, you can get away with murder. If you’re rich, if you’re a politician, if you have any kind of power you can ignore the law.
If you’re poor, beg God, you’ll never get caught by the police. Guilty or not, you’re about to suffer, because the system is corrupted.
With Detective Fausto, I tried to make stories that reflected that reality. In only two stories, the bad guy ended in prison. The rest got away with it.

In “Bulletproof” a young girl is murder and Fausto puts media pressure on the case. He and his friends used  #JusticeForViridiana. 

I did a search to see if there was a real crime using the same hashtag, but I didn’t find anything. I didn’t want to disrespect a real victim.

Last week,  #JusticeForViridiana got real. 

A girl from Chiapas was murder, her boyfriend the prime suspect is missing. Apparently, he was the secretary and good friends with the senator, who helped him avoid the authorities.
The investigation continues.

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