Friday, August 30, 2013

Recommendation: The Follower

Today I won't talk about a comic, or a webcomic but web prose fiction.

Lyle is an average looking guy, if you see him walking beside you in the streets; you wouldn’t take a second look. But that is part of his job; Lyle is a freelance operative/courier (1) in the business of espionage. 
But when a job goes wrong Lyle has to stay in New York City with no contact to his bosses, as a normal person as he tries to figure out what went wrong. To makes things harder he has anxiety attacks. 
Described by the author as “An espionage mystery, told in installments.” This story will get you from the start with good narration and a character unlike other spies in fiction. 

Title: The Follower 
Status: Updates every month. 
Language: English  

(1) About The Follower 
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