Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Recommendation: PSIONICA

Scientists experimenting on children. It was a reality in past centuries. Like orphans being used to conduct electricity in the 1800’s. Or any horrifying tale from Nazis doctors. Those real events inspired many sci-fi stories:The Boys from Brazil, Fringe and the cortexiphan experiments, the Royal Flush Gang in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, more than one X-Files episode, Firestarter with Drew Barrymore and probably the most famous anime movie from the 1980’s Akira.
It’s been a sci-fi/horror trope through the years but most stories aren’t new. What makes an “old” story more interesting is new angles, new settings and new way to tell it. Psionica is that.

Dr. Chislom works for a big pharmaceutical company and the government commissioned them to create a drug to manipulate the minds of their communist enemies. But he and his team, including Dr. Hashimoto (an Asian female, if you're looking for that) see other strange effects and abilities that affect the young minds of the subjects. Although, it hasn’t be reveal what went wrong.


The story is set in the southeastern United States during the 1960-1970. Which makes it pretty unique. But the most original thing of this comic is that isn’t just a comic.
Instalments of 4 pages in grey tones and different textures tell the story set in the 70's while prose pieces tell the back story and there is also audio. The creator reads the chapters for you, sometimes it feels like an audiobook, sometimes it feels like classified files of a investigation.

So get groovy with telepathy, psychokinesis, astral projection and more!

Creator:  Braxton

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  1. Oh, WOW! Thank you for this review, Moni! If no one other than you consumes the story, then it's a success!!