Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Recommendation: Scalped

I’m late to the party, I know. For years I heard wonderful things about “Scalped” but I didn’t made the effort to buy it while it was being published, partly because I was focused in getting the superhero classics and I didn’t have enough money to get 7 or 8 trades at my LCS.
Luckily for me, last year there was a digital sale and I didn't hesitate and got all the volumes and I read them all in a month.
And everything they said was true, “Scalped” is a masterpiece. 
The story centers on an Indian reservation and the complicated, sad, violent and heartbreaking lives of some of their residents. The story starts with Dashiell Bad Horse , a young man that comes back to the reservation after more than a decade away and joins the criminal syndicate of the Chief Lincoln Red Crow, but unknown to his new boss, Bad Horse is a Federal Agent. 

That is the main conflict for the series, but the writer Jason Aaron explores the backstory of many characthers, he takes the reader through different storylines, we get to known the rest of the people, where they come from, where they’re going, we see them struggle and we ultimately see (some of) them die and it all means something for the reader.
The artist is R.M. Guéra, and he’s a god. Every character feels like a real person, he makes them unique, he makes them express their feelings without the dialogue. The scenery is perfect too; Guéra draws the desert, the city, a small poor house full of people, a meth lab. There is nothing he can draw and make you feel like it exists somewhere. The coloring artists Lee Loughridge and Giulia Brusco were great and Jock made stunning covers. 

In the end, this series meant a lot to me. It shows what it’s to be a native person in a modern world that seems to have forgotten them. The heartbreaking feeling to know nobody else cares about your people, and how in all that despaired there are people who won’t give up, who won’t back down
I’m crying again.

Title: Scalped. 
Creators: Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra. 
Get it:

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