Fausto Javier.
Born and raised in Guadalajara, México. Fausto barely graduated as a lawyer from U de G. and decided to start his own Investigation agency.
In his early 30's, He is going through a hard time His ex girlfriend broke his heart, he's living in his office, his mother is sick and he hasn't have a major case in months, that’s where the story begins.
First appearance: “Blackmail”

Julio Alcázar.
Editor in chief of the newspaper “El Tapatío” (demonym for the people of Guadalajara). He’s been Fausto’s friend for a couple of years. Hardcore liberal Left, he sometimes disapproves of Fausto’s apparent social apathy.
First appearance: “Missing”

Olivia Maldonado.
Olivia hired Fausto to solve a problem with her husband and his Gambling addiction.
After the divorce, Olivia continues her career as “escort” and getting ahead in the business.
On and off girlfriend of Fausto.
First appearance: “The Cleopatra’s case”

Francisco “Paco” Sandoval.
Fausto’s acquaintance from college. Paco works for the Public Ministry at the department of Homicides.
He sometimes helps Fausto with his cases.
First appearance: “Missing”

Nélida "Nelly" Castañeda
Julio’s young assistant. She wants to be a new reporter too, but she hasn’t breakthrough. In several cases she was sort of a sidekick for Fausto.
Firs appearance: “Missing”

Yuridia “Yuri” Castañeda
Nelly’s younger sister. She’s a liberal poet and a little bit naïve. She has an immediate crush on Fausto, after he saves her from a situation at a party.
First appearance: “Lost Son”

Gómez family.
Widower Genaro Gómez has a fumigation Business across Fausto’s office. They are friends and they like to play domino when they don’t have work.
He has two daughters: Fatima and Viridiana, the youngest had trouble at school and Fausto helped her out.
First appearance Genaro: “The Cleopatra’s Case”
First appearance Viridiana: “Lost Son”

Oscar Maldonado.
Olivia’s young brother, he helps her with the business.
First appearance: “Paper Wings”

Nieves family.
Don Nieves own a casino and a night club. He allegedly has a whore house too.
His younger brother, José Nieves, lives from his brother money. He has no work and only likes to party and get in trouble.
First appearance: Paper Wings

Joel López.
High tech specialist and hacker. Fausto hires him as a consultant every once in a while.
First appearance: “Blackmail”

Ana Ramírez.
She is a criminal lawyer and Fausto’s ex girlfriend. They were engaged for a short time, she broke it up because she was in love with someone else. She now lives in Monterrey, Nuevo León.
First appearence: "Blackmail"

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